A few moments from VJ Übergeek's Performance Legacy

Falling Over the Cutting Edge...
or: Turn your PC's into swords! In the revolution against endless work - or something...

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Extreme Whitespace

Poignant typing performance....
The unix terminal as VJ tool; typing as jamming...
Live video from Helsinki! 2003

Extreme whitespace website and software and
clickable screenshots.
The Typewriter

Stirring, electro+acoustic rendition of Leroy Anderson's almost-timeless classic. Office machines become musical instruments - yesterday and today.

Live video
from Aarhus, Denmark! 2004

The Thingee

Livecoding VJ Tool!

Live video of The Thingee in action with members of the Toplap livecoding group. Aarhus, 2004.
A paper in which The Thingee is discussed.

Downloadable Thingee software - Beta version!
and Source code (Lingo/Director).
And... Source code that does not require Director.!

See also... TOPLAP Documentary Video

Everybody VJ

More than 15 people turning office utilities into VJ'ing, all at the same time.
Organized(?) by VJ Übergeek.

Live video from Aarhus! 2004.


and, the elsewhere documented:

Internet/text/hyperactive VJ show
(2003 - present)

as well as the older B0timati0n, (2000 - 2003) and Netaesthesia (2000 - 2001)

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